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Bedded By Her Lord
by Denise Lynn
Intense wonderful medieval romance: a battle for a warrior's very soul.

BEDDED BY HER LORD by Denise Lynn is an intense historical romance that peers into medieval world at war and also the psychological dynamics of the characters. The unfolding conflicts are written with suspense and emotional drama that makes it a fast paced and emotional read.

Lord Guy of Hartford returns home after seven years of being held captive by the sadistic and evil Aryseeth. His past tribulations and battle scars have changed him so much that even his men do not recognize him. Although outsiders have been kept away to hide his wife Elizabeth's condition from outsiders, the secret can no longer be hidden when Guy refuses to take no for an answer and enters her bedchamber. Some things a woman's body cannot hide. Ashamed of not keeping her oath, Elizabeth lies to Guy. Elizabeth is not the only one with secrets of his activities during their seven years apart. Together can the two find a way to end the lies and secrets and make their way back to the love that once united them? Can Guy allow Elizabeth to see the inner ravages of his soul? Will Elizabeth be able to wage a battle for for his very soul. When danger menaces, can the two of them battle together as well as against each other?

BEDDED BY HER LORD is an intense riveting suspenseful read where the villain is truly sadistic and the reader experiences first hand the inner battles that warriors returning home might have experienced. The brutality does not include gratuitous violence or many graphic scenes, but rather, Denise Lynn does an excellent job at portraying the psychological inward drama within Guy at the same time as he stoically approaches his wife. Denise Lynn emphasizes the importance and extent of one's oath in her characterization of both Guy and Elizabeth thereby creating a historical romance that feels medieval in its examination of the values of its characters. The concept of the oath is examined here with a psychological depth that creates a bridge between medieval literature and the modern world of today's readers. In addition, Denise Lynn extends the notion of the oath, viewing the medieval concept in a both more intimate way between a man and a woman but also for its social implications for all those living in and supported by the keep. Denise Lynn also did an excellent job with the theme of communication and silence here, creating suspenseful emotional moments between Guy and Elizabeth as they battle to save their marriage and themselves from the wars and vicious villain that rage around them. BEDDED BY HER LORD is a wonderful, intense medieval historical romance that delves into the psychological devastation caused by war and brings darkness to the healing power of love.

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Book Description:
Her husband…a stranger
Captive for seven years, Lord Guy of Hartford has lived for the moment when he would see his adored wife once more. But as he enters his keep, his own men do not recognize him, and Elizabeth's guilt is plain for all to see. Could she have betrayed him?
Elizabeth hardly knows her husband in this remote, battle-scarred stranger. Yet the passionate desire between them cannot be denied. Can she find her way back into his arms—and to the love they once shared?

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