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Earliest portrait of Dante Alighieri, by Giotto in Florence

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The Crossing

by Joy Nash
Scintillating and imaginative!

For Manannan mac Lir, known as Sidhe, demigod and Guardian of Celtic Magical Creatures, life was one endless party, seven hundred years of light hearted jokes. A popular musician, fans flock to him, tracking his very movements. Mac could have any woman he wanted. With pure life magic brimming full force inside, Mac, this disdainer extraordinaire of death magic and demons, finds himself pulled away from the pristine yet sterile perfection of the Sidhe Otherworld. When he hears a report of a death magic attack on Gilraen's Highland village the day before Samhrain, Mac plans to hunt down the demon. Mac discovers a mysterious clue. Unlike a typical death magic spell, Mac senses the barest trace of a most unusual spell, a spell of life and death magic cast together. Only humans have the ability to handle both and never simultaneously.

Artemis Black is on a race to collect as much life magic as possible to ransom her son before the end of Samhrain. Just as her moonstone pendant finally fills with faerie life essence trapped inside, something goes terribly wrong. A tiny theft, and one so well-intentioned, has disastrous consequences. Trying to rectify her actions only gets her in worse trouble, face to face with Mac, a man determined to hunt her down and learn her secrets. Artemis is one powerful witch precisely because she has within her the perfect balance, a balance disrupted by Mac's powerful presence and determination to uncover her secrets. As Samhrain approaches, the completion of her quest takes on an increased urgency full of complications as a powerful attraction seethes underneath the surface of cross purposes. With Mac hot on her trail, can she allow love to enter her heart enough to trust him? Can Mac find within himself the key and magic to defuse the deadly threat that awaits them?

As the sixth volume in the IMMORTALS series, Joy Nash builds on the theme of the balance between light and dark of the previous book, IMMORTALS: THE REDEEMING by Jennifer Ashley, giving her own unique insights into the magical world. Mac has it all ---fans, his music and a god-like body to match his power and yet deep with a memory of the past, a memory of a battle tortures his very soul. A man of pure life magic feels the taint, the mark of death magic separates him from he perfect Sidhe world, attracting him to this unusually adept witch, but this attraction prove to be his ultimate downfall or the force which heals his inner wounds? Artemis may hold within her the perfect balance, but when trapped into a dangerous alliance, how can she choose one life over another? In IMMORTALS: THE CROSSING, Joy Nash creates moving internal vulnerabilities in her characters, giving a beautiful balance to their romance as Mac and Artemis Black discover not only each other but a healing that touches deep within to the darkest corners. Although some readers might take quarrel with one of Mac's actions that decides the fate of the heroine without her knowledge, as a demigod, his actions alongside other story details will remind other readers of the antic of other ancient immortals, the gods and goddesses who used humans. Unlike these legendary characters, however, Mac's character undergoes a moving transformation as love grows within and he must give up control as he learns to trust not only himself but another. Joy Nash creates a moving romance where two characters' past mistakes become the ground from which they both love and individual growth is born.

Joy Nash creates a wonderful mix of humor and tension-filled danger as Mac and Artemis descend the circles of a Dante's INFERNO, a world infested with demons and nightmares familiar to 21st century living nightmares. Whether you loved Dante's INFERNO or found it the most tedious excruciating school read ---or even if you have never read it, Joy Nash's unusual version is priceless! I could not stop smiling, even laughing aloud, at her imaginative look into shopping and the punishments meted out to the inhabitants of hell.

IMMORTALS: THE CROSSING is a paranormal romance that combines a knowing tribute to the classics of the demon and immortal world while also turning those traditions on their head in just the right proportion to scintillate, amuse and thrill with an imaginative modern romance vision. Laughter interwoven into a tension-filled race against time and a vicious, manipulative villain or two makes this romance a fast, enjoyable read. Joy Nash's IMMORTALS: THE CROSSING is a perfect read for paranormal lovers who want intelligence, imagination and contemporary sass all interwoven together in their romance. Witty, eclectic and just plain reading fun, Joy Nash's addition to the IMMORTALS series adds a delightful flavor to the whole. Complementing the suspenseful drama and awe-inspiring heroes of the series, Joy Nash gives a unique look into the Sidhe world and a hero that will give anything and everything for his soul mate.

Book Description:
For centuries they have walked among us--vampires, shape-shifters, the Celtic Sidhe, demons, and other magical beings. Their battle to reign supreme is constant, but one force holds them in check, a race of powerful warriors known as the IMMORTALS.

For Manannán mac Lir, a musician and Celtic demigod, life had become a blur of post-gig parties, expensive whisky, and cheap sex. And then the baby almost died--a baby he had sworn to protect. On the hunt for the would-be killer, Mac finds Artemis Black, a stunningly dangerous woman who's inexplicably able to intertwine life magic with death magic. For the safety of his people, he should destroy her. But the aching vulnerability in her eyes calls to him. And the raw desire she inspires has nothing to do with a spell. Their love may be forbidden, but Mac and Artemis can't go back once they've made...THE CROSSING

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