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A Restless Knight
(The Dragons of Challon, Book 1)
by Deborah MacGillivray
A transfixing medieval romance: A love both sensuous and mystical in its emotional depth

From the moment Julian, Dragon of Challon, crosses into the Scottish Highlands, ancient visions and present Medieval beauty unite in the handsome body of this one dark powerful warrior. King Edward Longshanks means to use this man in a bid to conquer Glenrogha but Tamlyn MacShane is not a woman to be easily manipulated. Then again, Julian's hot warrior blood relishes the challenge of this feisty woman, not afraid to speak her mind. Does she ever speak her mind --- with power, wisdom and humor all combined in one! As leader of her clan, however, any action against him might endanger her people and plunge them into war. Julian is weary from the horrors he has seen in war. His very soul is enveloped in darkness. Can Tamlyn, with her gift of kenning (knowing or sight) and the blood of Sidhe inside, reach a place deep in this knight's heart and bring him home? Can Tamlyn remain faithful both to her clan and her heart? Can these two hearts find tenderness and love in a world torn by the strife of war? Can the political maneuvers of those remote from Glenrogha destroy the special haven created by their growing love?

Reading Deborah MacGillivray's A RESTLESS KNIGHT feels like coming home to this medieval enthusiast. The pure language alone, the rhythm and the imagery, intoxicates with its beauty and medieval vocabulary. A special kudo for the palfrey horses! The sensuous detail of her landscape and characterization evokes the Medieval world as if it were present to hear, see, smell, taste and touch. The emotional depth of this romance creates a love that is both sensual and mystical. Paranormal elements mix with historical authenticity, creating a fictional world that honors the full scope of the medieval literary traditions. In Tamlyn and Julian, Deborah MacGillivray creates a medieval legend that is uniquely her own yet hearkens back to the great legends of old with just the perfect echo to delight any medieval enthusiast. If I didn't know better, I would be tempted to search the news of Medieval scholarship to discover whether a new Scottish manuscript was discovered hidden in the spine of a book in a remote library. And yet I do know better, because Deborah MacGillivray's romance is more than a beautiful medieval tale. A RESTLESS KNIGHT is every woman medievalist's fantasy find --- the longed-for but until now unwritten romance story one had hoped to discover within or behind a Medieval text. The richness, intensity and depth of Deborah MacGillivray's writing transfixes the reader. A RESTLESS KNIGHT is quite simply a mystical reading experience for this medievalist.

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Book Description:
A Defiant Lady

In Scotland’s darkest hour, an English warrior dressed all in black has come for her. Blessed with the kenning, Lady Tamlyn MacShane foresaw this day, when the ruthless Lord Julian Challon would conquer her land—and her heart. She is determined to resist him…but she is no match for his strength…or his sensuality…

A Resolute Lord

To Julian, the proud Scotswoman should be nothing more than a captive. Yet Tamlyn's fiery beauty ensnares him, body and soul. Now, the warrior known as the Black Dragon is in danger of falling under a spell that cannot be broken—the spell of love…

Author Biography

Deborah Macgillivray spent twenty years helping her grandfather, a retired British Historian, sort, restore and rewrite the history of their family in Scotland and England.  That’s where she came across the basis for her historical novel, A RESTLESS KNIGHT, set in the year before the rising of William Wallace.  She was working on pages for the history of her family in the late 1200s, and thought it the perfect basis for a marvelous Historical Romance.  

Currently she is residing in Kentucky, but still spends part of the year in Britain.  She was resident historian at WAXING POETIC (1999-2001).  She also had a joint company with artist Carmon Deyo called CLAN RAVEN LTD.  She wrote tales of Pict-Celt lore or tales from her family; Carmon turns them into the most beautiful jewelry in silver and gold.  Their joint effort ‘THE THREE FACES OF THE GODDESS’, a highly original look at the Pict-Celt Goddesses, won awards, and impressed Barnes and Noble enough to sponsor a month-long show in Texas of the works in September 2000, launched with a cocktail party.  They hope someday to compile the works into a book (when life stops intruding!).

She is a reviewer for Paranormal Romance Reviews, The Best Reviews, Sensual Romance Reviews and, a Celtic e-magazine and a Top Reviewer on and  She was member of RIO Reviewers International Organization, and served as their Award of Excellence Chair (2003-2005), and was assistant editor of their monthly newsletter.  She served as 2nd Vice President of Hearts Through History (2004-2005), an online RWA Chapter; was also Web Chair (2003-2005) and was editor of their monthly newsletter The Bard Scroll (2003-5).  A member of RWA, The Ladies in Waiting, and History Fiction Writers of Britain.

Her Debut novel - A RESTLESS KNIGHT (Kensington, July 2006) was the first of the Dragons of Challon series, and is now in its second printing.  IN HER BED (August 2007) is the second. Next in the series is  ONE SNOWY KNIGHT (October 2008) and YIELD TO THE KNIGHT (TBA) and , followed by four more.

THE INVASION OF FALGANNON ISLE (December 2006) was the first book for Dorchester's Love Spell, in the Sisters of Colford Hall series.  RIDING THE THUNDER (October 2007) is second, with five more sisters in the works.

She has numerous short stories and novellas for Highland Press, and picked up 2 P.E.A.R.L Awards, 5 P.E.A.R.L Nominations, a RIO Award of Excellence win; and Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Final for them in 2006.  Currently, her one-author anthology, Cat O' Nine Tales, offers a collection of nine short stories and novellas.

She has Leanne Burroughs, author of Highland Wishes, as her devoted critique partner.  A match made in CP heaven, she says.  And is lucky to have Monika Wolmarans as her proof-reader.

She loves the history of Scotland and England, reviewing books, ballet, web design, writing, reading books, watching movies, cats, dancing till dawn, B-Horror films, and collecting swords.  In her spare times she is a web designer, book covers for Highland Press, and does her own book video trailers. 


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